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Hi, I bought a second hand 206 diesel this July & it's been running fine. A couple of weeks ago I had a tiny bit of smoke from the engine (near the oil cap) which panicked me into calling out the AA who couldn't find anything wrong (smoke had cleared long before they arrived) but said it was probably a tiny oil leak that has dripped onto the exhaust manifold (or something similar). Last week it went in for it's MOT & I asked them to look for this leak. Garage said the best option is to get the engine steam cleaned & then look for where oil appears as there is a lot of oil on the engine.

Note the car has been up from Reading to Birmingham & back & I commute a round trip of 1hr each day. No more steam has appeared & the oil level hasn't dropped noticeably.

Now for a few questions:
Has anyone got any advise for or against steam cleaning my 206?
Does anyone know anywhere near Reading that does steam cleaning?
Does anyone have any other advice on what I should do?

Many thanks! :)
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