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Hi all, Just had a very nice AA man sort out a blowing starter fuse problem on my petrol 307. After a 50 mile trip I stopped for ten minutes and went to start the car again but when I turned the ignition key the starter motor remained silent. I checked the yellow 20 amp starter circuit fuse under the bonnet and it was blown so I replaced it with a spare and turned the key again. Nothing happened so I looked at the new fuse which had also blown.

The AA chap looked up the symptoms on his laptop and said it was a known problem, there is an earth wire from the battery to the chassis (apparently pretty inaccesible under the battery somewhere) which can wear over time with engine movement and when it breaks, the power finds an alternative route to earth which happens to be via the starter solenoid circuit. He replaced the fuse and connected a wire between the negative terminal of the battery and an earth point on the chassis and hey presto, the starter turned over perfectly.

Try this simple solution/test before concluding the starter motor or solenoid are de.fective and paying a garage to replace either. To get us home he simply connected a temporary wire between the negative terminal and a bolt on the chassis (make sure the connection on the chassis is to a metal bit as there is lots of plastic there too)

Hope this helps anyone with a similar issue.

Post script - I removed the battery and its mounting tray today to gain access to the battery to chassis earth point which is under the tray (rather a big job as you have to remove the nearside wheel and arch cover to get at the final battery tray bolt) and found the earth strap was pretty meaty and looked fine. I removed the earth strap mounting bolt and it was pretty corroded so I replaced it and sanded down the mounting point and cleaned the earth strap mounting and put it all back together and the car started no problem. It would seem that it was not a worn earth strap but a corroded earth mounting point.

Post - postscript - 20amp fuse blew again a week after cleaning up chassis earth so I booked the car into a main dealer. They test drove it for 50 miles and the car refused to start in their workshop - but the 20amp fuse had not blown so they checked the wiring and concluded I needed a new starter which I have now had fitted. Touch wood the problem is fixed
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