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Hi there
Anybody give me some help with figuring out which starter I need ???
I just bought the car and the previous owner had got a kerbside mechanic to replace the starter,from a scrapyard.
I have no idea if it's the right one as three different. The Peugeot dealer is no help at all. The parts dealers and the my local garage
all say there are three and they will replace the same as the one that's come off. The problem I have is if the mechanic they got put the wrong starter
from the scrapyard on they are going to just give me the same one again.
I have diagnosed the problem to the solenoid blowing no8 fuse,under the bonnet,when it gets hot. So I need to have the correct starter in the first place.
Anybody have any ideas on how to find out ????
Thanks for any help,much appreciated
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