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Hi.....I am new here and a dinosaur and worse than that if there can be anything worse than an aged Peugeot 106 owner its dare I say the word.....AUTOMATIC....ahhhhhhhhhhh no I hear you all cry,as you melt away into the French mist :lol: ................well........

Peugeot 106 XL Auto 1.4 Petrol 1998.

I have an intermittant starter/starting problem with my 106.
meaning that sometimes when I turn the key nothing happens except the battery light dims.
I have fitted a new Starter and because of the problem have fitted an independant starter button under the bonnet which unfortunately I am having to use more and more.
I have checked the Ignition switch and can find no fault.
My attentions are directed towards the Starter Inhibitor Relay which up to now I have been unable to locate.
Does anyone know where this Relay is located please.

Also if you have any other aspirations on what may be the problem I will be eternally grateful.
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