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I've had this on and off problem, with the car stalling while reversing. Normally bringing clutch up out my drive will do, but sometimes it's not enough but even with extra power, it'll judder and if I don't stop, it'll stall. Its very intermittent. I pulled into a car park once to make a quick call, pulled into a bay and while adjusting, it started happening, despite having run for a good 20 minutes, and reversed out of car park just before.

At times when I have stalled it being to quick, it'll struggle to turn on without some revs, maybe 3000. Don't know of it could be related, but usually needs it when I just get clutch back up and it's as if the car fails.

I just wonder if there are some checks to do, possibly anything failing. Sometimes stalling is my fault naturally.
Economy mode always seems to be on aswell, planning to get battery checked soon, thought that might possibly be linked.
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