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Hi everyone,

I am trying to figure out what might be wrong with my Peugeot 106 (2000, 1.1L) before I take it to a garage and get ripped off..!

The car makes a short (1/2s) squealing noise (eg. table dragged on floor) when I am starting off uphill or on a bend and ride the clutch for a teensy bit. So it only happens when I'm giving gas and the clutch is not fully lifted. However this happens sometimes only - probably because I rarely ride the clutch.
There are no other noises when idling or shifting gear or pressing down/releasing the clutch otherwise.

I have noticed it also happens when shifting into 2nd gear and slightly riding the clutch (it never really happens to me, but when my boyfriend drives the car he rides it more than I do, so can notice the squeal).
It never happens when engaging other gears and hardly ever in 2nd gear with me driving.

I am pretty worried it's going to require a clutch change and as I am fairly short of money and not DIY at all when it comes to cars I am dreading having to take it to a garage.

Any ideas of what this might be?

Thank you!
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