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Hoping someone can help me here as I don't know what to do for the best at the moment.

Had a number of steering problem of late including a loud "knock" when turning tightly at low speed which has resulted in me having both track rod ends replaced. The knock is still there but to a much less degree and the mechanic noticed that the drivers side rack end was also loose so could also be causing a knock. Currently the knocking is minimal though so I will leave this one till after Xmas as hardly doing it.

Today though, I noticed a squeaking sound when turning left. It seems to do it whether under braking or not but only when the car has just been going at speed and has now slowed down (I drove the car around the block at lunch and never got above 30mph and it didn't do it).
The squeak itself isn't constant and is like *squeak*..*squeak*..*squeak* etc. Presumably this is in time with the wheel turning.
This only happens when turning left. Driving straight or right is fine.

Does anyone have any idea what this could be, or more importantly whether this is something to be concerned about? The car is high mileage (127k) and has already had ball joints done about 12 months or so ago so I don't think its that.
The MOT is due end of Feb and I am considering changing the car after these recent problems so want to avoid spending megabucks if possible although I will have to get it through the MOT to sell it I would imagine since it is so close.

Thanks in advance
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