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With all due respect, I have a question for you and me and especially for those with 308, 1.6 HDI, 100 hp (in the hope that I'm not paranoid obvious:
- I passed the gas station at Disel, and listening to a symphony as the smallest detail.
- I would say a strange sound from the engine with these features:
- Must be pretty close to hear him (it sounds rather weak and short term)
- Defense at low revs
- Is the slow acceleration to Rp 1000 (somewhere if you know where the throttle at 950-1000, hear)
- Is the sudden deacceleratii on the 1300 -1100 Rp
- For a second
- Sound just like a filter that absorbs air, a defective belt that rotates on a wheel, metallic and not metallic, strange anyway.

The car goes perfectly (s new), has no control or altceva.Baietii lit from Peugeot, say it's a normal noise Disel.
I read on forums and some say would be the intake ...
If you have any ideas please write.

It's normal. On the 308 HDi the airbox is behind the engine, right up close to the bulkhead, so the intake noise is apparent. The soound proofing mitigates the overall volume, but you'll hear a generally deep and bassy tone and every wheeze and whistle on the intake side is noticeable.
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