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SOS Button flashing red

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Hi everyone. Have a 2012 508 SW 2.0 HDI.

It had some work done on it and the battery was disconnected for a period of time. I had to set the date and time and stuff but noticed that the Red SOS button on startup now does:

a) Briefly flashes green
b) Starts to flash red and off intermittently
c) After about 5 minutes goes of and remains blank.

Car shows 'no faults' when I press the check button.

Any idea what it could be? Everything else seems to work fine (apart from the hud is stuck but that's a different matter)

Many thanks

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i`ve got same problem , stared a few days ago , or i just noticed now , but when i start the car , it lights up green then starts flashing red for a few minutes and than stay shut off until next start of car . i`ve seen some answers on iternet about a battery or something but not yet conclusive answer. i hope someone has an answer .
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Is it possible SOS button uses 3G network and this network no longer works in your area?
I know G3 network in Slovenia will be shut down at 30.6.2023.
Just a thought... I don't know what network SOS button uses.
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this is as close as i could find about this problem , it says replace the emergency battery , but i cant find where that battery is ..... anyone ???
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On page 268 of the 508 manual it says this:

If the orange LED flashes: there is a
system fault.

If the orange LeD is on continuously: the
backup battery must be replaced.
In either case, contact a PeugeOt

The location of the battery? Can't find anything on the interweb so maybe a secret known only to Peugeot (maybe). Hopefully it isn't the same as the location of the BWM emergency assistance systems (under the headliner at the back of the car)

Would a BSI reset possibly rectify it or is it possible the system is just being phased out and it will become just another useless button.
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The best picture I could find is this, battery is 14. Hope this helps.

If your battery is
it seems to be quite expensive 115,22 € in Peugeot Servicebox
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