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A colleague at work recenly bought a 407, its a 2010 2.0 HDi 6 Speed with 66k miles

Since he has bought the car it has taken a few turns of the engine before it fires up, and when it fires up it produces a bit of white smoke, it also misses a bit when driving at slower speeds, 30mph zones brings up the miss particularly bad.

I serviced the car for him the other day, the engine was spotless, but not in a good way, there was no indication that it has been serviced, the original peugeot filters were still in place. I noticed that there were air bubbles in the fuel in line going to the filter housing, the fuel filter housing was drained and any crud at the bottom wiped out, but when i pumped the hand primer quite a few air bubbles came out and so did the odd fairly sizeable chunk of dirt.

Would dirt in the fuel tank cause the missing, i still dont know how there can be air bubbles though.
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