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Hey, new to the forum but i thought you lovely people might be able to help me out here.

Just got a 307 SW (swapped it for my 206, needed more space to fit instruments in for gigs and rehersals) and there are some niggly little things i want to get sorted. The car itself is fine and drives great!

first off is the digital clock/radio/thing (you can tell i know a lot about cars...)
half of it works alright but the other half is dark and you can't see anything. I've been told a bulb has gone but i've been told by peugeot it isn't a bulb but to book it in to fix it will cost £70 (thieving gits)

secondly the dashboard console trim thingy is a bit worse for wear, but i can't find anywhere that sells a replacement. Even ebay is being no use!

Oh and lastly the heater is a bit dodgy, it works on settings 3+4 but not settings 1+2. I would have thought that if the fuse had gone the whole lot would not work, the same if the fan motor was gone.

If anyone could help i'd appreciate it greatly!
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