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I bought a 207 cc 1.6 petrol 88 kw from 2007 for my wife the other day. While driving the car home i started getting a sweet smell in the car from outside while windows were open. Did a lot of reading and came to the conclustion that there was an antifreeze leak. Followed my nose and came to conclusion that thermostat housing was leaking somewhere. There were some antifreeze leak marks on exterior pipes. Ordered new part online. Part is exactly the same and fits perfectly except it had one extra pipe fitting. I blanked that out with a silicone plug which did the trick. Now here is where my problems start :nono::nono::nono::nono:

I took a picture of pipes before removing thermostat not to forget....Unfortunatly my 6 year old daughter deleted the pics :-(

Have I reconnected pipes correctly?

2nd question :

I filled up anti freeze to minimal, opened heating inside car (not my AC) to max and started car. I saw immediatly that antifreeze started coming back into holder. Car worked for maybe 3 minutes, tempreture gauge inside did not move and all of a sudden went to MAXIMUM and got message to stop car. Fan started working. I immediatly turned car off. I have tested the electrical plugs of both sensors and i do get a current reading.

What am I doing wrong? Or is it the whole housing unit? I did try to find answers on the forum before asking, but did not find any.

Also when i drained old antfreeze, there was no oil mixed with it. So i take it that there is no cracked cylinder head or gasket blown.

Once again thanks to all that can help me out...wife really wants to drive her car :)


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