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Hello fellow 307 sufferers.

I drive a 1.6 petrol 2006 307 and, for the last few months, I've noticed some problems with it. I've searched on the forum but come up with nothing that fully fits the things I'm seeing. I hope you can help.

1) The ignition switch fuse blew starting the car soon after a long journey. I replaced it and it worked fine until the fuse blew again. This happened a few times but the journey length varied and there was no pattern to the blowouts. I keep a stash of 20amp mini-fuses in the car just in case. I've been advised not to upgrade to a higher amp fuse as some posts have suggested.

2) The radio clicks as if it's losing power and goes off for a split second before coming back on. If this happens once, it happens many times until I switch off the radio (usually out of frustration.) When I switch it on a few minutes later, it's OK.

3) I noticed that I could avoid blowing the ignition fuse by doing the following: If when I first attempt to start the car there's a click (almost like the immobiliser is kicking in), I should release the key from the ignition position, fully remove the key from the ignition and try again. In doing this the fuse won't blow, but the car isn't guaranteed to start either. I can do this as many times as I need until the car starts, thus far the car has eventually started without blowing the ignition fuse.

4) After starting the car in the method described above, the interior light stays on until I switch it off manually.

I have a new battery in the car - this has been tested by 2 different mechanics and they said it's fine. I had a CD changer which I removed and swapped for a cubby after it refused to switch between CDs without freezing for weeks at a time. I've also had a new timing belt fitted. These are the only changes made to the car beyond the usual service items (plugs, filters, fluid etc).

Can anybody please help me?



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Could be starter on it's way out or a dodgy earth.

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