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Flat Bottom Wheel Upgrade.

Well Guys,

bit of a setback for the guide i needed another part to see if this would be a plug & Play one for us 307 owners (this will work for the 308 without any other parts needed).

So my stock wheel was looking tired and out dated so i thought it would be nice to get something nicer so i took my 407 wheel from my old 307 and put this on my new 307 was happy untill i was looking at the 3008/5008.

notcied they had the RCZ type flat bottom wheel, light went on in my head would that fit a 307?!!

I got on to ebay and started to look at the 308 air bag and seen that they only use one airbag plug, this was the issue i would find as on 307 they use 2 plugs for the airbag,

I then started to look at stalks on the 308 and saw that they use the same plugs as the 307 this was my last part i needed to see if this would work on my 307.

I ordered the flat bottom wheel and airbag from a 308 and a used 308 stalks this final part never showed up (still lost royal mail) with any new toy i wanted to get stuck into putting this on
so i done that and boy does it look great well worth money if you want that sporty flat bottom wheel!

i will be doing a video and better pictures i want to wait and see if the stalks turn up as i want this to be a plug and play job for others if they want to do this upgrade as well.

enjoy the crappy pictures:


1 - 5 of 5 Posts