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I got a new Peugeot 2008 and it came with SMEG+IV2 (GPS nav, MirrorLink, Carplay and rear cam, SMEG6.3.C.R11).

But it doesn't have Jukebox, not even grayed out.

Do you guys know if it's possible to enable it by Diagbox?
Better question, do any of you guys know if there's such option in Diagbox?

I'm taking the car tomorrow to a Peugeot dealer, it would really help knowing if it's an option in Diagbox (or the path in the software).

I'll ask them to enable WiFi (I saw a french screen cap from Diagbox with this option), enable warnings at the touch screen (to display Km/L, distance...) and add Carplay/Mirrorlink icons at the Source button.

Well, any help would be much appreciated...
Sorry if it's already being asked, but I've been looking for this information the past week and maybe Jukebox is just a silly function and no one cares about it, but it would help me a lot.
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