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Ok so iv fitted aftermarket focal speakers in the front and rear of my 2016 facelift model 2008.

Now. iv also added a pioneer deq-s1000a2 4 channel amp with built in dsp.

The issue i’m having is the dsp only has 2 channel input.
My car has reverse sensors , they output audio alerts and the beep through the rear speakers.

The car play/ bluetooth telephone call audio is routed through the front speakers.

does anyone here know if the peugeot planet software can configure the smeg iv car play unit to output both signals (reversing audio alert and telephone call audio) through just the front channels.
it’s been winding me up.

currently i have front right and rear left connected but it’s less than ideal and not how i want it.

anyone have experience in coding the smeg units.

can i control the audio outputs or do i have to get down and dirty and hardware mod this unit
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