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Hi all,

Yesterday, I was driving to my friend's house. We were 5 people in the car (3 guys, 1 girl and 1 baby) and the trunk was reasonably full, let say the load was 40 kg in the trunk. Aircon was also on. There was a heavy traffic in the city center and the temperature was naturally going above 95-100 but as soon as the second level fan kicked in, the gauge was dropping below 90. So this part is ok. However, when I was moving off, I heard a strange noise that I have never heard before. It was like the first gear tooth is jumping couple of teeth and it makes like 3 or 4 times discontinuous noise. It can also be something else but this is the way that I can describe the noise. If I move off very very slowly by depressing the clutch very gently, I don't hear this noise. I thought that it could be the clutch but it is pretty new, almost 10.000 km before it was changed.

I tried it now when the engine is cold, there seems no noise but there is no load on the car as well. Can it be due to bad transmission oil?

I appreciate your helps.

My cay is: Peugeot 307 SW 1.6 Petrol, 140.000 km on the mileage counter.
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