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slippery,, 106 with intermitent running fault

Hello any one had a similar problem with a Peugeot 106 1997
We only bought the car a month ago! But it has an intermittent running fault. The first time it happened my wife was in town and it started revving up and down on its own and also down on power while it occurred.
I checked it out and yes it looked like the stepper motor on the side of the carb was pushing out causing the engine to hunt! I disconnected the plug to the carb and replaced it a couple of times and that seemed to cure it, the plunger retracted and stayed in.
A few days later it reoccurred again, I stripped the carb down and all seemed OK but again a few days later it reoccurred again but this time the car would tick over OK and not hunt but it does not run well and is down on Power and jerks while trying to progress, I discovered that if you stopped the car and restarted it a minute later it was Ok again.
Well the other half had it today and apart from trying to remove the door and rear wing while negotiating her way out the garage and drive!! It played up with her again today, she said that stopping the car and restarting it was not much better and the fault would reappear almost right away again! We don’t use it everyday but need it to work when we do need it! I did look at the connections to the ecu and most of the censers and everything seemed OK

the latest:- the car starts great but wont tick over (tick-over too low) for a few minutes, or until it warms up! fault still appears but now more often and now can reappear even after the car is restarted almost right away! But if you drive very slowly and use the higher gears and the torque( well the little there is!) and dont use much throttle runs OK. If you use more throttle you go through the hesitant spot, so you only get one large jerk and car drives good on accleration but this is a bit dangerous acclerating every where, not forgetting the lack off ecconomy ( you will still get the jerk every time you put your foot back onto the throttle!!)
Any help would be appreciated
Many thanks Slippery

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