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Hoping I can get some expert advice.

I recently bought a beautiful 406 Petrol.
I have done a full service but there seems
to be a slight misfire when cold.

Also when I tap the accelerator when idling in neutral
it first seems to suck in air, lag and then rev.

What could this be?

When I got the car it had not been serviced in 30000km.
The air filter was totally blocked. The plugs did not
look too bad (slightly dark coloured) The fuel filter
was an also not too bad.

Could it be the Catalytic converter or a Lambda Sensor or EGR valve?

I have had it on Peugeot Planet 2000 and there are no faults picked up.

Please help.

It's such a beautiful car I would like her running well.

Thanking in advance!

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Check for air leaks into the intake system. Smoke test is probably the easiest way of finding them especially if they are small.
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