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sliding doors

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i am having trouble with my sliding doors on my '03 2.0ltr hdi expert van.
on the motorway there is a lot of wind noise and both sides, although not damaged in any way, are letting in water from the top.
it does not seem to sit "in" far enough at the front top edge?
we have attempted to adjust all the normal mtgs but cannot seem tom get the top edge to sit snugly against the seals??
can anyone help???
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Sounds like door alignment to me, have you tried removing and re-fitting the door.

yes i have removed one side and offered it up again and shimmed the bottom roller assy to "push bottom out therefore push top in"
if you catch my drift?
this did seem to improve it slightly but not completely, after about 3 washers
it wasnt making any more improvement.
thats when i posted thread.
shimming top roller assy made no difference.
top track guide is fixed so can't adjust it,
any more ideas would be appreciated,
Hello there I've owned a Expert, its a design fault, I've had the same problems as well, due to the front doors sitting in more then the sliding doors and the wind getting between the seals and doors and pushes them ajar. At 70mph you can see the doors move outwards slightly in the side mirrors.

On the new Expert's the sliding and the front doors are now flush
van doors

oh dear ,
looks like i 'll have to learn to live with it???
thanks to all, speak soon.
if the noise is a constent problem while driving, as im a van driver by trade my self i know who bad road noise can get, and this will just add to the problem, try adding another seal or an extractor of some sort that will dampen the noise to a bareable level, only a thought tho m8, good luck with what ever you chose to do.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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