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Hi, I'm just hoping for a little advice if possible please.
Had a trouble free 307 1.4s (2007), until I left the driver’s window down recently when I went on hols for a rained a little!
The driver’s window wouldn’t shut. The control for the driver’s door didn’t respond.
To get to point I’ve stripped driver’s window/mirror adjuster control & it appears clean. I had to get mobile auto electrician to have a look day after & he said there was power going to the motor…but he couldn’t do more. The wires going through the door look ok.

The passenger window control works fine (I tried swapping this to the driver’s door, but wiring must be different. The outside temp gauge also stopped working (but can’t see how that is connected being on passenger mirror – just coincidence perhaps?)

If I bought a motor do you know if I have to get one with exactly the same part number, or do they cover several different model specs/years?
What are the two black boxes attached to the motor called, as I presume they are the brains behind the operation? I ask what they are called because I have seen motors for sale without them.

…and before I start buying bits have I missed anything obvious which I should try/test.
Thank you for having a look & anything back would be appreciated.
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