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Hi guys,

2004 307 1.4 16v petrol

Anti-pollution fault

Tested on PP2000 came up with engine error P2071
Permanent fault on injector 4 short to positive

Basically, Engine is lumpy, idling sounds like a sewing machine,
Mot due and I'm pretty sure it will fail on emissions and has Engine
Light on.

Checked air box, caked in oil.
Checked air intake manifold, really oily.
Checked wiring in loom, looks ok,
Replaced coil pack with one known to work.

Spark plugs are NGK
Battery is old, could do with a new one tbh. - doesn't hold charge.

Planet did a check on injectors, coil, all came back ok.
Looking for a cheap fix or if anyone knows of a good diagnostic
Engineer in mid Kent please let me know!


A little update. Been reading about lots of problems with No4 Injector (near the cambelt cover)
maybe worth just wacking in a new injector.

If anyone has replaced one on a 1.4 16v petrol model,
can I remove it without taking out half the engine and that big plastic thing that arcs over it?
what's the best way of getting the injector out, once I've relieved the pressure in the rail?
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