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Hi - Could I ask if this is the right way to request a security code (the 4 digit code)?

I've recently bought a car with only one functioning plip key, no security credit card in the folder etc - the car is 12 years old, so no suprises really. I know that to program a second key I need the code (I have an interface and PP2000, but need to enter the code in PP before I can reprogram).

Could I ask a further question - can I re-use a key from another 806 - same year etc (it's a long story but the present car is to replace an 806 which got drowned in January.....which replaced one that got hit by a car). Whilst there are better cars out there, I'm getting pretty used to working on them now.....

Anyway, does the synch process wipe and overwrite all existing codes on the keys? (having watched a youtube video, PP suggests that this happens i.e. keys that didn't go through the process can no longer be used afterwards etc). In short, would I be able to re-synch an "alien" key?

One last question (sorry for so many) - can I make payment for the code via PayPal?

Thanks for reading this - your help is appreciated!


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