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Don't know if anybody has this , seems to be a very interesting app for the new 3008 , it is on Play store and Apple just look for . " Scan my Peugeot app "
Thanks for the heads-up on this, I totally missed this one :thumb:

As you say it is interesting.... limiting but where it does have explanations it then shows a basic but decent coverage.

A couple of gripes though is:-
1. Vehicle Configuration
It's very basic; giving you the option of Petrol or Diesel which is fine but for the gearbox choice you only get 6-speed manual or automatic gearbox (EAT 6).
You can't fine tune the engine and select any of the other options.
i.e. Not everyone has the EAT 6 Auto option (mine will be e-THP)
Having said that after a quick scan of the app I can't find anything relevant to the engine choice which begs the question why have this in the configuration?

2. Orientation
If you use this on a tablet and you have the display in landscape, all the graphics are cut. Basically the app has been coded for Phones in portrait mode with support for tablets in the same mode.

Anyway, these are questions to be put to the developer. I'd contact them but unlike normal developers who write apps, Peugeot have left out the developer ~ you can not communicate directly with the developer. Instead you get transferred to the normal 'Customer Care Team' who would have absolutely 'zilch' knowledge. They most probably do not even know the app exists.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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