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same old same old

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:) hi there to all , firstly let me apologise for coming straight onto the forum and asking for help. as the title suggests im sure you are all well used to it , newbies looking for miracles. a quick whizzette of my peugeot history. had a brand new 307 sw as a company car , and absolutely loved it. it went like a bugger and i thought it looked great as well. a couple of niggly problems , shaking in the steering wheel at around 70 mph which peugeot or wheels r us couldn't resolve. a couple of sensor problems which only seemed to happen on hot days but never amounted to much. so when i left the company i decided to buy another 307 estate. same problem with the steering at around 70 mph (is this common or am i just unlucky?) but other than that all was well until it started raining (here comes the cap in hand bit) the passenger footwell is absolutely drenched. have removed the trim and found the sill sloshing full of rainwater. how does it get there? all replies gratefully received , also are all 307 estates capable of having 2 additional seats as i cant see any anchors for this and there is no seat belts , cheers in advance Kieran:thumb:
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well for your wheel wobble, if you havnt tried already, is getting all your wheels balanced correctly cos this is usally the main one, also the 307s are fitted with an active steering pump to assist power steering, the the steering pump tank is located in the top left towards the bottom of the engine bay, ensure that the levels is correct
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