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Hi Guys

My 407 saloon central locking has not worked for a number of months now.
Tried the BSI reset etc but no help.

I have now resorted to removing the BSU from behind the glovebox and replacing the relays in there as one or more of them must be used by the central locking system. So far replace 4, still not working.

Press lock button on keyfob and it locks the boot and filler cap but not any of the doors. If you leave a door open it won't lock - sensors are obviously working.
If you open a door thats supposed to be locked the alarm goes off as you would expect.

If you drive off, you can hear it try to lock the doors but it just doesn't happen.....

Deadlocking doesnt seem to work, again you can hear a relay and also something happen in the doors - but i guess that because the doors are not already locked deadlocking can't activate.

Can anyone help as I'm geting desperate and very frustrated!!
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