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TL;DR; looking for someone with a 508/3008/similar from about 2012/2014 with factory fit reverse camera.

I decided to treat my 2006 307SW to a nice radio upgrade earlier this year. It originally came with the RT3, which had a failing CD drive, so I decided to replace instead of repair it and upgrade to the RT6 (aka the RNEG2) at the same time. It's the same radio as the 508 and many other 2012-2015ish cars, with onboard maps, bluetooth etc. It was actually quite an easy upgrade, thanks to help from Karim at, although the dealer wanted to charge me £103.44 for the USB cable!!! I made my own out of jumper cables, cost £0.47.

Now I've got it all wired in with video input, aux and USB all working as well as the car stuff like trip. A nice bonus is you get a new trip computer screen that shows oil and coolant temperature, as well as TPM if your car has it (mine doesn't, but it still merrily reports that all tyres are "OK"!)

Now I'm trying to get the reversing camera working. Now the RT6 has this function (if you get the right serial number) but it seems to need some kind of signal from the BSI in order to automatically switch to the video feed when reverse is engaged. On newer cars, this can be configured through Diagbox under BSI > Driving Assistance > Parking assistance and you choose an option with video camera. Obviously, this isn't an option for the 307 (or indeed any BSI before about 2009) because it never had that kind of assistance.

I assume that (on newer cars) this makes the BSI sends some kind of CAN message to the RT6 when reverse gear is engaged to tell it to switch to the video feed (different to the one it sends for just the parking sensors graphic, I assume). Why they couldn't build it all into the RT6 I will never know, but anyway.

What I'm hoping is that someone out there has a 508 or 3008 with factory fit rear camera and an RT6, who wouldn't mind me plugging in a CAN analyser/logger to the OBD port to see what messages the BSI is sending when reverse is engaged. Then, on my car, I could spoof the CAN message with an Arduino. Ideally it should be a CAN2004 rather than CAN2010 car, which I think those are.

I realise this all sounds a bit complex but I've already spliced a little Arduino into the car to show a few extra parameters in realtime (boost pressure for example).
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