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Hi all, new to the forum. Just bought a 407 2.2HDi GT as 'spares or repair' and looks like I've got a problem stereo. The stereo is an RT4 with sat nav, juke box etc. The car is a late 2007. It is the newer set with the fibre optic connections to the screen.

Here are the symptoms:

Sometimes when I start the car, the stereo beeps loudly intermittently, the trip computer '1' and '2' figures will be blank and the heater controls work but won't change / appear on the screen i.e picture of blower blades doesn't come up and the dual zone temps come up as '--'. They normally come up some time later, maybe after half an hour of driving, but the beeping wil continue regardless. The beeping can be silenced but only by turning the radio off.

Other times it's fine (no problems at all), but rarely. A full battery reset will cure it for 2 or 3 starts and then the problem returns.

Once the beeping starts it wont reset unless I stop the car leave it and it might stop next time I start it if I'm lucky.

What I have done so far to try and fix it:

Changed the hard drive and re-installed software - result same problems so not the hard drive
Updated the firmware to 8.31 (I think) - result no difference
I even went as far as taking out the hard drive plugging it into a laptop and checking it for errors, viruses, bad segments etc - result everything as it should be.
Checked the VIN number matches the car (which it does)

I've had a diagnostic man look at it and he reckons the BSI and the stereo are not talking to each other intermittently. He also mentioned a lot of these sets go wrong (2007+ year 407s), but couldn't tell me what the fix was

So, does anyone have any ideas? Or has anyone had this problem and cured it?

Worst case scenario, can it be downgraded to an older set? There are loads on ebay. They are not optically connected, so I would have to buy the radio and the screen as a pair. I'm aware the radio would need a different aerial as it would be non DAB.

Thanks in advance for any responses!
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