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hi all. ih] have a 2.0 ltr petrol 03 reg which develeped a judder/misfire .
i took the car to the main dealers as two other garages could find no faults registering,only to be told it was the tappets needed changing .
i agreed to them doing this only to receive the car back doing same thing.
they then said the coil pack and plugs needed changing ,which on return of vehicle made no difference. The car has now been back a further 4 times .1st time they changed the oil ,2nd time they said they cleaned the fuel system,3rd time they said 1 tappet had not seated properly ,all of which has made no difference,and on the last visit they have said that there is nothing wrong with the car and that these engines do have a rough idle .
can anyone say that these idle rough enough to shake you, when cold, but feels more like car is hunting when warm,or is the garage unable to find the problem and making excuses
any help would be appreciated as have now spent fortunes with no results
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