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My PUG has morning sickness..


I'm having a slight problem with my beloved Pug. (2001 406 2.016v, 130k Miles)
She's a real beauty! Almost showroom condition. Just had a Full Service. Bought her 2 yrs ago.
Had one owner before me. Full service history. Always serviced by Peugeot.

When I start her in the morning, she idles slightly
rough for about a minute or two but then runs perfectly throughout the day.
I will add that the rough idling / misfire seems to be worse when the Aux Fan Pump decides to kicks in.
Sometimes there is also the "rotten egg" smell present when she idles rough.

I have done a diagnostic scan and the fault code is P0350.
(Ignition Coil Primary/Secondary Circuit Malfunction)

Before I go out and buy a new coil pack as they are quite pricey.

Could I test the coil pack with a Multimeter perhaps?

Is there anything else I could test as well?

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