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Roof 307 cc won't close and all roof switches are open

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Duting a drive while the roof was closed I became a message: "roof not locked).
I stopped and couldn't find anything started again and the message was gone.
I open't my roof without problems but then the closing cycle stopped when the flaps should go in the boot and the boot has to start closing
When I read out the switched all are open and they don't react when I press them
After that I measured all the pins on the plug of the ECU

Yellow plug (26 pins)
Pin14, 20, 22 power 12V
Pin 1: 224 Ω to earth
Pin 2: 7 Ω to earth
Pin 5: 5 Ω to earth
Pin 6: 6 Ω to earth
Pin 13: 5 Ω to earth

Black plug (16 pins)
Pin 4, 11 power 12V
Pin 8, 15 0 Ω to earth

So can anyone help me or provide some diagrams, so I can check were the wires lead to.

Thanks in advance Geert
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What is the engine designation code (positions 6,7,8 of your VIN number)

Pin 1: 224 Ω to earth
Pin 8, 15 0 Ω to earth
An earth pin should be 1 ohm max point to point. No wonder everything is open circuit, these are high values of resistance.
I found the fault.
At the hinge of the roof and the rear window is a shortage in the cable harness. I pressed with my fingeron that spot and all the failures were gone. So next week I am going to replace those wires.
I couldn't manually close my roof. I opened the bleeding screw at the hydraulic pump, but I still can't move the roof or hood because the cylinders won't move. Does someone know how to solve
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