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Hey guys,

So my 207 was stuttering / misfiring, and the rocker gasket was leaking oil into the plug wells. Had a mechanic look at it and he replaced the plugs, two of the ignition coils, and fixed the gasket. I took a peek, and oil was no longer seeping into the plug wells. Hooray!

The car was fine for a day, then went all to hell (it essentially dropped to three cylinders for periods of time, seemingly at random). Took it back to the mechanic to read the codes, and he said the issue was on a cylinder with an old coil, so it's probably best to replace the other two. I said I'd do that, because it's rather simple.

When I changed the coils, believing this to be the end of my car woes, my heart sank - oil was in the plug wells again. I haven't driven the car much since, but I suspect that whatever is causing the gasket to leak is the real issue, and I'm a little peeved that I've spent quite a bit of cash not fixing the car.

Anybody got any ideas what would cause this to happen again? My very limited knowledge and searching seems to point to the PCV valve, but this is built into the cover which makes things tricky - I can't even seem to figure out how to disconnect the hose! Could it be anything else?

TLDR; Had Rocker gasket fixed, now it's leaking again. Ideas on the cause?

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