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Hi all,

Some of you reading might have also read my other thread and so will know about the seized engine in my 307.

I've spent ages trying to find RHS engines on ebay, but nothing has come up at a decent price that makes economical sense to replace it.

Question I've got is does anyone have any experience or heard of an RHS engine being swapped over to a different one, e.g. RHY (which I understand to be good strong engines in general)?

The mechanic that will be doing the work is pretty good with engine swaps, but I'd like to know if there is a 'best alternative' that will create the least number of problems with fit, wiring etc. I have read here that a RHZ engine could work, but there was no further reply to suggest it was successful. Guessing it was otherwise there would have been more questions.

I've found someone who might have a RHZ engine for a good price, so if it's viable then I think it's about time I got the car sorted...

Any advice appreciated
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