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Hello Peugeot 307 Lover,

Recently I had an issue on my car and sorted it out. I decided to share this in case some one might have the same problem although it is extremely rare case (IMHO) but the short might occur in the different place and causing different symptom.

My car issue was reversing light always on even key was not inserted yet. The strange thing was car electricity turned on (like key turn to ignition) whenever reverse gear was selected. I traced the connection from the reverse light is directly connect to BSI on 16V NR #7. BSI 16V NR connect to 16V VE #5.
16V VE #5 connect to BM34 10V NR #4 which is directly connect to BM34 16V NR #4 then goes to reverse light switch

BM34 10V NR #4and BM34 16V NR #4 was giving 12 V even the connectors were disconnected. This conclude that the short is in BM34.

My car issue completely drain the battery once. Temporary fix was removed the bulbs so there is no current from battery.

Disassemble BM34 was not worth for my issue since the car still running well without reverse light and disassemble might compromised it and cause another problem. Since mine already disassembled by previous owner, so I dare to disassemble it. I was expect water splash mark or little bug inside it but I found PCB traced was shorted with no clue what was the cause in the first place since the PCB are coated well. The short causing BM34 10V NR #4and BM34 16V NR #4 get direct 12V.

Looking around information about shorted PCB trace and found that arc-ing can burn underneath layer and carbonized it then become permanently conductive.

Fortunately, the shorted traces was wide enough so I can try to remove trace above the carbonized or burned area.

The PCB then recoated to give some protective layer.

Now BM34 10V NR #4and BM34 16V NR #4 are not giving 12V and bulbs can be installed safely. I am glad not to buy BM34 to overcome this issue.

Last thing but not related, I found my 5 months lost iPod during the process which is nice.

Apologize for my bad english.

Disclaimer: Following this might result serious damage on your car. I am not responsible for any issue raised up by following any of above information.

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