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Some while ago I wrote to David Peel and asked the following specific questions:

"Are dealers delaying placing orders to meet periodic targets?
Why aren't vehicles with similar specification built in strict date order?
Do Peugeot appreciate for many this represents a considerable purchase and our need for information shouldn't be underestimated?
Are Peugeot aware this is creating poor customer relations?
Who do customers contact to receive updates on their purchase?
If a car is damaged before delivery will a replacement receive preference?
Has Brexit influenced deliveries to the UK market?
Can we expect more robust policies in keeping the dealer network informed?"

Today I have spoken with Dean Moore 0800 0422422 who responded thus:

" it is fair to say Peugeot have been caught by surprise by the demand for the 3008 which hasn't been helped by a fire in a factory producing components on 22nd January but manufacture is now back to full swing. Dealers are placing orders as they are being received in the showrooms and if there's any delay this is down to individual circumstances. Any damage to vehicles in transit and prior to delivery will be, in the first instance, subject to repair and all cases considered individually. Any customer requiring an update on delivery is invited to contact Dean Moore 0800 0422422 who has now been charged with handling delivery enquiries. Brexit has played NO part in delays and Peugeot are committed as ever to ensuring their customers are kept fully in the picture and take delivery with the minimum of delay and hope they now have established a line of communication that will fairly benefit us all"! ........ENDS

Can't say fairer and with Dean Moore 0800 0422422 as a contact Peugeot are certainly taking customer concerns seriously.
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