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Hi all..
Ive rescued a 51 Plate 307 1.6 .. Not sure what the spec is.. Its got the 6 disc cd changer false wood front arm rests but no alloys.

The issues we have are air bag light is on.. I have diagrams for that but still not getting far. Pp2000 tells me drivers air bag module trigger open circuit.. Ive done pin to pin checks to drivers wheel air bag.. Even changed it for another no different.. Ive checked the comms2000 ribbon and all is ok.. Ive checked the drivers seat side air bag and all wires all check out fine with no broken wires so im at a loss at that one.
The abs light was on but all sensors were fine that turned into an easy fix.. The drivers side rear sensor had rust behind it and was being pushed away from the hub.. A quick strip down removal and clean up sorted that problem..

The next big issue i have and BEFORE YOU ALL shout i know lack of blower is the resister but i also have no power to the air recycle button has no power so i cant open the recirculate via power to access the blower resister...

So im looking for a wiring diagram to see where power should be etc... I want to check it all out before deciding if i need to buy another heater panel etc..

Any help appriciated..

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