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hi, I have had my 307 about 2 weeks, when I bought it It had deployed both the passenger seat airbag and the passenger curtain airbag, following a collision with a missing man hole on the rear wheel.

I have managed to replace the seats with full leather and they have intact air bags inside them. I have also got a replacement curtain airbag and an airbag ecu that is the same as my existing one but the replacement has not been activated (it hasn't ever deployed any airbags).

i have now replaced all the airbags and secured them in the positions they are supposed to be in and am VERY concerned about plugging in this ecu and turning the ignition on. the last thing i want to do is ruin my mint condition leathers over a lousy airbag fault.

is there a best practice, or known procedure for replacing the airbags safely without them being triggered again. am i miles off by thinking they may deploy again. are the sensors that trigger the airbags in the first place an item that HAS to be replaced once it has deployed.

sorry for all the questions but i really don't want to have to fork out for a new seat airbag, curtain airbag and roof liner AGAIN.

thanks in advance for any help, would be greatly appreciated
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