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I'm trying to replace The rear barn doors on my Citreon Disptach with a tailgate from an Expert taxi e7.

I have a couple of questions:

Firstly, getting the wiring to work. Below are attached wiring diagrams from dispatch and expert tepee.

Dispatch 6218 plug is:
pin 1: G/Y wire ground,
pin 2: red wire always hot, even when locked,
pin 3: hot when door closed, even when locked,
pin 5: signal to lock door, hot with key fob press,
pin 4 : return to ground
pin 6: Brown wire

Dispatch rear door wiring:

Expert lock 6222:
pin 1: pulse power to unlock motor - Currently just pulse 12v from powerpack to unlock from inside
pin 2: ground
pin 3: connected when door shut

Tailgate opening latch 6282:
switch connecting pin 1 to pin 2 which is currently ground:

Expert Tepee wiring:

I can get door ajar sensor to work by connecting pin 3 of 6222 to pin 3 of dispatch 6218 and pin 2 of 6222 to pin 1 of 6218.

I'm not sure on best way of getting tailgate button to open door only when van is unlocked. If I use pin 3 or pin 2 with switch in-line then the door will never get locked. Also, doesn't seem to unlock door if pin 1 6222 connected to pin 2 of 6218. Below is the best idea I have had so far, which would require both switch to be connected and key fob pressed to unlock tailgate.

Potential wiring:

Has anyone done this before? If so, how have they done the wiring? Has anyone managed to make the tailgate open with button only when unlocked. Ideally without running more wires from BSI.

Does anyone know where I could get a connector to match the current plug, pictured below?

Secondly, I have bolted the tailagte on using 12mm coach bolts and big penny washers. However, I get a fair bit of play in the hinges. When I fit the gas struts, the force downwards from weight and gas struts move hinge so that the tailgate doesn't shut. I think the tepee originally has nuts or something welded into the van structure to attach to. How have others solved this?

Thanks for any help!
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