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replacing anti roll bar links??

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Hi all,

When i first bought my car i had a clunking noise comming from the front of the car and it was narrowed dwn to the anti roll bar links. Now over a year on and the bloody same noise i think has come bk.i notice it more when i go over bumps and it clunks. are they easy to change as dnt really want to spend money at a garage at these money tight times?

Cheers all

V Boy:confused:
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You don't say what car you have but they're generally easy to replace. I'd be surprised if they are knocking again after such a short space of time, unless they were incorrectly fitted.

It's a good idea to replace the ARB mounting bushes at the same time, especially on an older car. Fitting new ARB links/dogbones/call them what you will, suddenly creates greater movement of the ARB itself.

Sorry i did not put my car in.Its a 307 hdi 52 shocked if it is this and is there a way of just checking them before i change them? The garage i which i had them done over a year ago is sound,so been put on tidy/



Is the car due an MOT?

They can check all bushes etc at that time... an dof course fail you if badly worn.

An MOT tester will most likley use a long lever to stress the joints/bushes and check for movement or play. You can do the same with a hefty screwdriver when jacking up each corner.


Thanks for the reply so soon.not due mot til october,so still a fair bit away yet,so gonna have to check them myself.

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