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Hey guys, few days ago I bought a 2013 GTI and it seems like both 'Map reading lights' are dead.
I'm talking about [2] in the picture

I would like to buy new ones and replace the dead ones.
I read in the forum and it seems that the stock lights arent LED
If I want LED lights for a brighter light, which one should I buy (link to recommended lights would be great!)

I opened it up but I dont seem to understand how am I suppose to remove the actual lights

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[2] is the lights I want to change

this is how it looks when opened:
Looks like the smallest unit is the transparent plastic that is screwed down? Or is there something clipped to that?

To me, given the look and the resistors I would have said those were LEDs, but not in any form factor (unless the center part is somehow clipped to the screwed down transparent piece) I've seen.
IF they're LEDs, I'd say quite odd for them to both die - have you verified that it's not a question of power and/or ground missing?

Depending on exact size might be able to get a 3W LED on a star board mounted in there - would likely need a dedicated driver (12V to constant current, and a place to stash that) though, but those are cheap on eBay
What´'s the distance center/center of the mounting screws?
How tight does the cover/glass come down on the emitters/bulbs?

Examples of LED and driver:
5pcs 3W Multicolor Board High Power 140°Star Bright light LEDs 3Watt

3W Useful LED Driver Power Supply LED Light AC/DC 12V Constant Current Hot Sale | eBay
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