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I have a 2006 (56) plate 407 1.6hdi sw in silver purchased in sept 2010 from auction. Since that date i have replaced the following,
Tyres x4
Front/Rear brake discs and pads
Front bottom ball joints x 2 (prob needs 2 more)
o/s and n/s front inner and outer track rod ends.
Rear wiper mechanism and wiper blade.
o/s rear window regulator.
n/s front abs sensor.
Turbo solenoid.
Front n/s wheel bearing
Replace gearbox oil.

Took apart rear boot lock lubed (due to not opening when wet)
Cleaned MAF sensor.
It has full service record.
Probably more to come before m.o.t in sept. Is this any different to anyone else ?.

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While many cars at auction are perfectly good cars and turn out to be bargain buys, some auction cars could end up costing far more than the car is worth to repair

So, with that in mind these are my thoughts on your purchases

Tyres x4 - A consumable which has no bearing on the car regardless of age
Front/Rear brake discs and pads - Consumables and as above
Front bottom ball joints x 2 (prob needs 2 more) Could have been required regardless of the car make & model considering the age
o/s and n/s front inner and outer track rod ends. Again, could have been required on any car of it's age
Rear wiper mechanism and wiper blade. Blade is a consumable but probably unlucky with needing to replace the mechanism
o/s rear window regulator. Unlucky, not something to be expected
n/s front abs sensor. ABS sensors fail on all makes and models so could have been expected
Turbo solenoid. Unlucky again though for an auction buy - lucky it wasn't the turbo
Front n/s wheel bearing Something I would not be surprised to replace on an auction purchase
Replace gearbox oil. Service item so doesn't really count.

Considering a lot of very dodgy part exchange cars go straight to the auction due to the cost of repairs you seem to have got away lightly. I part exchanged a 54 plate Renault Laguna 2.0L TDI Dynamique with all the toys when I bought the 307. It had an ABS fault, a knackered gearbox and the sunroof was leaking leading to water running into the fusebox which was causing all sorts of problems with the electrical system. The dealer said it was going straight to auction. To look at the car you would have thought you were getting a bargain. The car looked immaculate with cruise, dual zone climate, factory tilt & slide sunroof partial, leather interior, new tyres etc - that is until it started raining or you needed to reverse the car. At that point you would have realised what a mistake you had made.

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I only buy at auction and have done so for the last 20ish years. I have one rule never buy a part exchange car unless I'm looking for a project.

I only look at cars under 3 years old and that are owned by companies such as lex.

Bought my current 407 at auction about 5 years ago. Now with 125k on the clock and had very few issues.

Egr replaced
All 4 abs sensors
Rear wheel bearing replaced
Rear drivers side window regulator
Remove tpms sensors
Lower ball joints (once in my ownership)

Think that's it!!!!!. It may have a few little niggles but nothing major or expensive.

With a little research on the 407 before purchase I would have expected to do nearly all the above in my ownership.

I would normally have replaced it by now but I still enjoy driving it and is one of the most comfortable cars I've driven plus the kids love the room in the back.

Next car will be an auction purchase:)

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