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Bought regulator for rear passenger side from eBay for £40 as did not fancy repair kit attempt. This was for my 407sw 56 plate. Symptoms were window not fully closing and at times returning to halfway up. Sunny day attempted this. Door card comes off easy enough, soundproofing a little trickier I used a stanly knife to separate the cover from the glue. Removed the 3 torque30 screws from the motor and slid the motor off, I could then check the motor that was working perfectly independent of regulator. Next You need to lower the glass fully to remove the 2 torque30 screws. This releases the glass from the regulator. Lift the glass up by hand and hold fully closed with tape and foam wedges. You now have 3 protruding plastic white pieces that your motor attached to with screws. These are removed by pliers closing the wedges that then push through. The metal part of the regulator is riveted in two places so drill these out and replace with 8mm nut and bolt ( thread part fits 5mm washers) when fitting new one. You can now remove the old regulator. On inspection my cable on one side was rusty and frayed,not moving smoothly. The plastic wheel was also broken where the cables replaced. Now working wonderfully. Took 1 hour. I also looked at this link prior to doing mine , just for guidance . So big thanks to gijoe50000 .
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