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this maybe bit daft ( Q ) ive got 307 2.0 HDI want to put xenon builbs in,
side-light/main-beam/full-beam builb

but it seems to look bit harder than i thot, realy it is i here you laugh:lol:

i can see abit of the builb/clip on the full beam but realy cant see what im doing and not much room to move in and see at same time,
it will seem alot harder for the rest of the builds in the head-lamps to do
as you cant see nothen
i have had a small look at the hand book an it says for the side light it just pulls out , i realy dont want to pull the black box thing and break it ,as i realy dont know how it comes out, and cant see anything grrrrrrrrrrr:mad:

seems daft for me to ask but do i have to take the bumper off and head light out just to replace all 3 builbs in each headlight,do i need any Pacific Tools to do this and details to take the bumper off eg bolts and screw etc etc ''
i realy dont have a clue

would be greatfull for any info on this tuff subject for me ,:confused: or is there an easy way i just cant think of also dose any one have a few pics or diagrams of the rear of the headlight unit to veiw what im tryn to do thanks for reading mt post -------------dervpower
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