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Hey guys! first time posing here, so bear with me please.

I got a work van, a 2013 commercial 6 speed manual transmition, long version. It has an engine, but No idea what type it is.

A bit info

I have used it now for 1,5 years. it been in the stealers 8 times to fix random, wired problems. First there was an issue with the clutch. so that needed to be replaced. They replaced it with the first service of the vehicle. From new I have added 1.5 liters of oil before the first service, and yet another 1.5 of oil after the first service. I had Airbag fault. seatbelt or pretentioner fault poppin up, I had the EML lit up no idea why. DRl's suddenly stoped working. Afer 5 reprograming or updating stuff, im still not convinced.

An not to mention the Bloody Traction control. Or Enhanced traction control as it says on the display. the little wheel you can select the traction stuff. Wel to be honest, this does not aid me drivin in slippery or snowy conditions.
All it does is killin the power to the engine and engages the breaks. This function is a useless if you ask me. Last winter when I was goin up a hill and made a smal turn, it all went to hell.
Every think kicked in to "Help me" to reach my destination, but it all ended up me slidin backwards, in to a slope, carrying downwards while the plastic undertray's got knacked and thrown forward untill it came to a stop in the ditch. I called for road accistance to winch me out of there, cause the van was Stuck. rely stuck. the town man came, and he could not reach that far with hees truck. In the end I had to get my Landrover to pull it out of teh ditch. Wel.. new tires this winter, lets hope its better now.

Now for my Main question to you gurus out there.. The Webasto.
To my knowledge, the Webasto is started and stopped my the Canbus of the vehicle, or am i wrong here?

What i would like to do is get an on/off switch or a remote to start the Fbh.

I have added this to my Disco3, a simple thing. 3 wires on total. 2 for power and one for the Diagnostic K-line on the webasto and all sorted.

I have had a search on the Tepee for the webasto, and I found it. What kind of person would mount a webasto underneath the car?? The access to it is hopeless. you need to lift the car up to get to it!!!

Anyway. I have had a peak at it while lying under the cartrying to balance the metal plate it attached to while the hoses and wires still attached to it.

I have heard around that there is no wiring there for a plyg and play kit to be able to remotely start it or with a Tele start. and there was some talk about that you need to add a water pump??

Is there anyone who have had a good look at this and found a sollution on whats the easy way to start/stop the webasto DIY style?
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