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Hi Guys,

I made a bad decision and bought a 407 from a garage and was told they have had no issues with it at all and I stupidly believed..

Drove it home with no problems, locked it and went to bed. The next day I the remote wouldn't unlock or respond at all and I found out the physical key also didn't work! A mobile mechanic and an AA patrol visit later they broke in for me and I managed to do the reset procedure I found here. It was all back working and I replaced the batteries in the two remote keys I had for good measure. All seemed fine so I locked the car again.

Checked it the next day and back to square one, locked out again.

Any ideas why this is recurring so quickly and what I can do? I've called back at the garage I bought it again from and they said they would take a look at it. Problem is they are 2 hours away and I have lost faith with it already!

Any advice massively appreciated.
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