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Hi Guys,
Came home the other day and wife presented me with a broken ignition key and remote for the 308.
Looks like a piece of plastic had broken off in the unit..thin piece that sits over the key blade and the button goes through the key itself.
So have glued that back in.
The headache is how do you get it all back in to the remote unit so it retracts and opens?
There's the key 'blade', a spring, a lug that slides over the spring and the silver button.
Placed blade into remote unit. Inserted spring. Slid in lug through the plastic bit over the spring. trying to get the silver button to engage and lock to secure it all together.
It looks like the silver button has two stages of engagement through the plastic onto the lug - but I can't get it to go back!

I'm sure it's easy when you know how. Anyone got a write up and pics?

I see some new cases on ebay - but I'd still have the same problem of putting the key in (battery, chip, battery etc should be easy.) Or is it a dealer job?

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