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Hi guys,
so i spent last few days figuring out how to beautify the interrior of my 407. So one of the things i considered biggest eyesoar were the mirror and window switches and plastic around it. The rubber they are covered in was riddled with scratches and nicks. After hearing that new one costs 150EUR and that all the ones i found at scrapyard were also scratched i embarked on a trip to find a best way to refurbish it myself. :)

After trying out few different things, like polishing with paint polishing creme, rubbing with acetone (provided by the gf :) ) and rubbing with alcohol.

In the end i settled with the alcohol as it made the rubber peel off like the old skin. :) I decided that the glossy look given by the polish didnt fit in nicely with the car and that i prefered the mat look given by peeling off the rubber. Once you actually peel off rubber, it reveals this nice ridge-dy plastic with nice mat look. Similar to the plastic on the lights and wipers stalk.

One tip, after loads of rubbing, i actually ended up scratching the plastic abit, giving it uneven look all around, but second time around when doing buttons, i got smarter, so i soaked them all in alcohol, which allowed me just to peel off the rubber for awesome look.

No idea if this was done before, and i hope its gonna be usefull for anyone else, i certanly enjoy the nice mat look of the bare plastic.

Enjoy the pics. ;) Pic 017, 019 are WIP and 023, 024 are end result.


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