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Hi, I have two issues if someone can help please.

The rear sliding window latch has snapped meaning I can not push top and bottom together to slide the window open. Should I try heating the plastic on both ends to fix together and would this be long term fix or can I just buy a new latch without having to replace the whole window. Tried finding one on eBay but no luck.

Secondly one of my headlights is dimmer than the other. The same headlight had stopped working as the connector had melted, replaced the connector but was a nightmare as the wiring was really short and in an awkward place. It was so short I couldn’t even crimp it and just wired it together and used insulation tape to cover. Is it the crap connection I did that has made it dimmer or is it something else. I have replaced about 4 bulbs in the space of couple of months.

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