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Hi there, hope someone can help, have 2 of these both have same problem, Once you have released the seats in the middle row, the bottom of the seat does not lock back in, has anyone heard of this happen before?
I have same problem. Check that the mating surfaces that need to interlock are pointing at each other. Mine seems to have been bent a bit, so I have to nudge it a bit to ensure it drops into the correct location and then it engages. This is only an issue on the left rear seat. This is also the seat that tends to refuse to respond to the plastic paddle (left seat left shoulder location of seat) pull. Too much resistance, and you frequently don't get the lower part of seat to flip up and seat to then slide forward. That's painful as 3rd row can then only be occupied from the RHS. Which could be road side, dangerous side, in a given situation.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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