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Hello, I'm new to this sight so hello everyone, I have a 307 cc 57 plate, and for a few weeks I've had a problem with my rear n/s led light, at first it was flickering on and off then stopped working altogether, only came on for a moment when you switched on the lights, after reading a few posts on here it was advised that if n/s number plate bulb goes as its on the same circuit it disables the light too!! As the post also stated their bulb holder for the number plate was not tight enough to make circuit, ( mine was not tight either) so after closing up the pins on the bulb holder and replacing the bulb , just to be on the safe side the jobs a good un!! My rear light is now working..... A BIG THANK YOU TO YOU ALL....
But if you took this to a garage the fault finding would have cost a bomb if the garage had no knowledge that the number plate light could be the problem , not to mention cost a fortune in labour!!
So hats off to Peugeot !!!!!! Great design
Anyway than you all, Rob
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